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Foreign game

Hunters who hunt in Africa or somewhere else in the world often want to have their trophies mounted in the country where the hunt took place. thinking they will save money or get a better quality. Appearances are often deceptive here, because there are many questions that remain unanswered, one of which is whether the skins have been tanned according to European standards and whether they are durable in terms of quality. It is all too often the case that the prepared animals smell musty and sour, or even start to lose their hair, which has to do with the tannin used and the treatment. Also, all too often the processing is with wood, in Europe we use the modern lightweight foam called p.u.

So there are many reasons why you should come to us as a recognised preparer. If your trophy is not properly prepared, there is certainly no way back to Africa, etc.

The honest advice, based on experience and practical examples, is; choose a European accredited preparer to give your hunting trophies a “second life”. Together with your outfitter, find a regional African preparer to dip and pack your hunting trophies and have them sent to Europe.

The trophies are then semi-finished and dried. The advantage for you is then:

  1. It saves freight costs due to much less volume
  2. It saves having to pack them in large crates.
  3. Shorter waiting times
  4. It saves enormously on customs costs and especially VAT.
  5. Your trophy is prepared in Europe and you can easily influence that.

Because we have been to Africa many times and maintain many contacts, we have built up a large network with many preparers, importers and exporters with their own trophy dispatchers.




For worldwide import and handling of customs activities of your trophies, there is only one good address that will import your trophies correctly, you can contact us.

Laserline has its own customs hall directly at the airport in Frankfurt and from there sends all the cleared trophies all over Europe.

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