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Basic Information

This page contains tips for for preparing your trophy in the field.

If you are harvesting the trophy of a lifetime, but find that we are closed on weekends – no worries! Follow these basic tips until you can hand over your trophy to us.

Deer – The goal is to keep your deer as cold as possible. If you have access to a freezer, wrap your deer in a heavy plastic garbage bag and freeze it until you can bring it to us. If you don’t have a freezer, wrap your deer head in a plastic bag, put it in a cooler and pack it with ice. Again, your goal is to keep it as cold as possible.

Small game such as fox, badger or rabbit – DO NOT DESECRATE IT. Wrap the animal in a sturdy plastic bag and freeze it whole. If you do not have access to a freezer, wrap the animal in a sturdy plastic bag and place it in a cooler filled with ice until you can deliver it on Monday.

*** Please call us on Monday morning to schedule a time to turn in your trophy. Trophies kept on ice should be delivered as soon as possible during the first part of the week. We look forward to seeing you! ***

Instructions for Skinning

Skinning instructions for a shoulder attachment:

  • Make an incision from abdomen to sternum.
  • Then make a “Y” incision at the back of each front leg to the knees. (As shown on the blue line)
  • Carefully move the skin down toward the head.
  • Cut neck meat and bone at this point, leaving the skin attached.
  • Trim off excess skin. (As shown on the red dotted line)
  • Place hooded venison in a plastic bag and freeze.
  • If a freezer is not available, pack them on ice and store in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.
  • Deliver as soon as possible during our regular business hours.

Life-size Mounts: We offer a skinning service at our facility. This insures proper cuts will be made and measurements taken.